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Feeder Series is looking for a social media admin

Since Feeder Series is a social-first platform we take our social endeavours seriously! And that’s why we are looking for a dedicated social media admin with an emphasis on Twitter who’s passionate about junior single-seaters.

About four years ago founder Floris Visman started Feeder Series with a tweet. Since then the Twitter account grew to almost 54k followers and Feeder Series is now a platform that consists of a website, Discord, podcast, newsletter and several social channels, including three twitter accounts. We can be found in several feeder series paddocks around the world and attending (virtual) press conferences.

But we want to keep improving and for that we are looking for a dedicated social media admin with a focus on our main Twitter channel. Now before you think ‘Hey, I’m on Twitter and I like motorsport, let’s go!’, we’ll detail below what’s required of you in this role.

  • You have (some) previous experience in social media management
  • You eat, drink, sleep motorsport and know a fair deal about feeder series
  • Your English is faultless
  • You’re able to think outside of the box: don’t just wait until news and results roll in, but pro-actively think of engaging content
  • You have to be able to react almost immediately to news
  • Your availability is high, especially on weekends. Not fulltime of course, but in the world of (motorsport) news there’s always something happening
  • And don’t worry, you’re not doing this alone, you will share duties

The position comes without pay, but the experience you gain and the network you create, more than make up for that. The goal is that you develop into a real motorsport social media admin that eventually moves on to a job at the biggest motorsport websites around.

Interested? Email us at and let us know why you’re the perfect social media admin for us!


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