How we work

Feeder Series started in 2019 with one simple mission: to bring you the best possible coverage of feeder series in Europe, the United States and Asia. Back then there wasn’t a lot of dedicated feeder series journalism, and unfortunately there still isn’t, especially not in a format that is adapted to our social media-first world. We felt there was a clear gap in the market for us to jump into and we’ve strived to fill it to the best of our abilities.

Now, only four years later, we’re the largest feeder series platform around. We have an editorial team full of talented reporters, while editorial oversight is provided by editors with decades of experience in journalism. We want to be a feeder series ourselves, in a way: many of our writers are students and on their way to a rich career in journalism. At Feeder Series they can further hone their skills and grow as individuals, while creating content around their passion for motorsports.

Thanks to our loyal and enthusiastic audience, we’ve grown rapidly in recent years, expanding our coverage both via social media and our website. As said, we deliberately set out for Feeder Series to be social-first, so we use our Twitter account to quickly bring you the latest news and results, rather than writing dry news articles that nobody reads.

Instead, we choose to apply our writing skills to creating in-depth content that goes beyond the day-to-day headlines. So on our website you can find interviews, features, calendars and other exciting in-depth content. And just to state the obvious, in these days of copy-paste outlets that are mushrooming everywhere: all our content is developed and produced 100 per cent in-house.

During 2021 and 2022 we continued to expand our team, which now consists of multiple talented reporters and writers from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Each reporter has their own beat and area of responsibility, keeping their ear close to the ground in the series they’ve been assigned to cover. This leads to focus and is one of the main reasons why in many cases, we are the first to report the latest feeder series news.

The thing is, gathering and reporting news is not about sitting and waiting around for a press release to drop in our inboxes (although we have signed up for all of them, just in case). Instead, we keep in regular touch with numerous drivers, team managers, series representatives, PR professionals and other insiders. We develop relationships based on trust, allowing us to bring you the latest news as and when it breaks.

We also work closely with the organising bodies for most main feeder series and attend all relevant press conferences. That includes FIA F2, FIA F3, W Series, the Road to Indy and a variety of national F4 and Formula Regional championships. This is another way for us to develop relationships with drivers, teams and series reps and to bring you the inside line on what’s going on in the fast-paced world of feeder series racing.

Have any questions about our MO or how we do journalism? Feel free to drop us a line via or send us a DM on Twitter.

The Feeder Series team