Matteo Nannini

Whatsapping with: Matteo Nannini (F4 UAE champion)

Matteo Nannini
© Matteo Nannini

Matteo Nannini debuted on the single-seater feeder series ladder in 2019 and took it by storm. He was crowned the F4 UAE champion and debuted in three other series in the same year. We had a little chat with him.

By Floris Visman

You don’t see that very often, someone who makes his debut in car racing taking pole, winning the race and scoring the fastest lap. Matteo Nannini did just that in the 2019 F4 UAE championship. The then 15-year old Italian took the championship by storm and convincingly beat the likes of Joshua Dürksen and Shihab Alhabsi to the title. Later that year Nannini made his debut in Spanish F4, Formula Regional and Formula Renault Eurocup. He shared his 2020 plans with us.

WhatsApp interview Matteo Nannini

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