Meet the Feeder Series team!

Founder & chief editor
Floris Visman

Perceval Wolff (Head of content)
George Brabner (GB3, GB4, F4 UAE)
Maria Clara Castro (F4 Brazil, F4 Argentina, F4 NACAM)
Jeroen Demmendaal (Road to Indy)
Grégoire Devaux (Eurocup-3, Spanish F4, Formula Winter Series)
Tyler Foster (Formula 2, FRMEC)
Jan Husmann (Euroformula Open, ACCR F4, Danish F4, FROC)
René Oudman (Super Formula, Super Formula Lights, FR Japan, Japanese F4, F4 China)
Jake Sanson (Karting)
Gerren Scapens (British F4)
Daniele Spadi (FIA F3, Italian F4)
Perceval Wolff (FRECA, French F4, FRIC, F4 India, ERA)

Copy editors
Michael McClure (Head of copy editing)
Nida Anis
Sean McKean

Social media
Dom Bessell
Alice Cook
Syrine Ferchichi

Jim Kimberley (Head of broadcasting)

Adam Dickinson
Matt Jeffray
Aisha Sembhi
Yasmin Western

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Where to find us
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