Louis Foster surprises himself by dominating Euroformula Open with three wins at Spa

Before Spa Cam Das was the man to beat in Euroformula Open with four wins in six races. But a new contender has emerged with Louis Foster who completed the treble at Spa this weekend by winning all three races.

Louis Foster comes off the back of a pretty successful 2020. He finished third in British F3 and made his debut during the season in Euroformula Open at Spa where he won the second race. The 17-year-old made the step to Cryptotower Racing in EF Open to contend the whole season and started the year with four podiums in six races, but was still chasing a win. That all changed at Spa, and how: the driver won all three races and is now only nineteen points away from the championship lead.

The Brit explains why he did not expect at all to do this well.

“I thought this weekend would be very hard. I thought I would have an edge on Cam (Das, ed.), I believed I could be on pole and win races for sure, but I didn’t think we were going to get the triple.

“The races are complicated with slipstreams, crashes, yellow flags and safety cars. It’s quite a slipstream-heavy circuit. I definitely thought we could get some wins, but I wasn’t expecting the three.

Euroformula Open

“There wasn’t a real highlight of the weekend, the whole thing was a highlight! Obviously the last race was significant, coming from the back and winning was obviously really great. You very rarely see it so that would probably be the biggest highlight.

“All around, it was hard work in the free practices and then pole, two fastest laps and three wins. Couldn’t really ask for much more so it was all highlights.

“I want to thank Motopark and the CryptoTower Race Team, the car was great all weekend, there weren’t any faults to it. My engineer and I worked very hard to get the best out of the car and that allowed me to extract the performance on the day.”


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