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Is There Anyone As Unlucky As Lundgaard? ‘There Is Not Much To Be Happy About’

Is there anyone unluckier than Christian Lundgaard at the moment? At Silverstone he had one points finish to show for; a podium but even that came after he started from (reverse grid) pole. A look at another bad weekend for the Dane.

By Floris Visman

The curse of the second ART GP seat is well and living if feeder series fans have anything to say about it. And myth or not, it has to be said that Christian Lundgaard who partners Theo Pourchaire at the team in Formula 2 this season, has been extremely unlucky. And his weekend at Silverstone is just another shiny example of that.

Of course not everything is bad luck. In qualifying the Alpine Junior had no significant problems, but he still finished in 10th, about 1.5 tenths from team mate Theo Pourchaire who placed his car in 5th. You can even say he was a little lucky to qualify 10th and not a place higher, because it brought him reverse grid pole for Sprint Race 1.

But from there it all went downhill. His start from pole was not great. For some reason his clutch slipped and he lost two places. He wasn’t able to make those places up so he took his first podium since the opening round at Bahrain. Not at all a bad result, but he should have done more starting from pole.

But, okay, whoever’s fault the clutch mistake was, you fix it right? Well, ART tried and failed. Lundgaard: “We made some changes to the car from the first to the second race, including the clutch. This meant that the car stalled when we had to start the formation lap for the second race.” He had to start from the pits, made up nine places which brought him 13th.

Sunday was the icing on the cake for Lundgaard, in a negative way. Starting from 13th he quickly moved up to 7th (the clutch did its job this time). But all went wrong at his pit stop. The left rear wheel wasn’t put on properly and flew off when he tried to drive away. For the incident he got a ten second stop and go penalty.

“The base car was ok and the car for the race on Sunday was good. But here it went wrong in the pit stop and it’s an understatement to say that we got nowhere near what we were aiming for. It goes up and down too much and the changes we make are too extreme, so we land too much in the opposite direction”, Lungaard said.

The Danish Alpine Junior is lost for words. “I don’t really know what to say. Of course it was nice to get back on the podium in the first race, but other than that there is not much to be happy about.”

The next Formula 2 round is September 11 at Monza.

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