Hauger and Doohan on F3 finale: ‘mates’ off track ‘but both want to win’

As the F3 season comes to a close, two Red Bull affiliated drivers, Dennis Hauger and Jack Doohan, find themselves in a championship battle. Hauger leads Doohan by 43 points going into the final round at Sochi. The two sat down with F1 Feeder Series and various media members to discuss this weekend and their futures. 

By Charlie Parker

After disappointing rookie seasons last year, the two headed to greener pastures coming into this season with Hauger signing for the powerhouse of Prema and Doohan signing for the ever-present Trident team. And they’ve found success as they find themselves first and second in the championship, although their futures are unclear: “Nothing’s signed yet but obviously the natural step after going so well this season is F2,” Hauger said.

“That’s what we are aiming for. But a few things have to come together before I can even begin to share anything like that. But that’s the goal.”

Doohan echoed this statement: “Obviously we are looking at Formula 2, with nothing signed and nothing confirmed. Like Hauger said. A few things have to come together and hopefully we can sort things out over the weekend and over the next few weeks to ensure a good chance for next year.”


The two may be fighting each other on track, but off track the rivalry is friendly as the two go back: “I have huge respect for Dennis,” Doohan said.

“We started our first year of cars together as teammates in British F4. The rivalry was quite great that season. I think the relationship is mutual. There’s no negatives. I think you can call us mates. We’re not on any bad terms. At the end we are both racing drivers and for now, we both want to win.”

Hauger feels the same way: “Obviously we both have matured [from the British F4 days]. We are good at separating what’s happening on track and off track. We drive fairly to each other. We both are doing what we love in the end and it’s nice.”

Red Bull

Both drivers are a part of the Red Bull program. The program is filled to the brim with talent and after a disappointing 2020, both drivers were moved out of the junior team to “Red Bull-supported drivers”, but both drivers insisted that this hasn’t changed anything and their backing has helped: “We have reports and everything we have to give to Red Bull,” Hauger said.

“I work closely with the team itself. I’m in Italy working with the team in meetings and similar. That’s where the details go into. But obviously being a part of it is good and nice, but you have to prove yourself. Prove your position within the team as well. Working with the team to maximise everything is the main thing.”

Doohan agreed with Hauger’s sentiment: “What Dennis said, I agree. Obviously, it’s a bonus because you don’t move forward without succeeding and that’s what they want and that’s what they need. They don’t have an academy for someone to be there and make up numbers. They want someone to, potentially, take a seat in F1 and that has to be done by being at the front and winning races. I’m very happy to have their support.”

The F3 comes to a close this weekend at Sochi, with the championship still to be decided.

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