Gianluca Petecof

Gianluca Petecof details his Formula 2 exit and future plans

He’s the 2020 FREC champion, did Formula 2, was part of the Ferrari Driver Academy and is still only 19 years old: Gianluca Petecof has seen everything there is to see in feeder series. And despite him doing something completely different this year, we invited him on the F1 Feeder Series Podcast to tell all, alongside FRECA commentator Chris McCarthy.

By Floris Visman

Just two rounds into the 2021 F2 season Petecof was gone. He just did Monaco and that was it. The plan for that year was to do FIA F3 – the natural step after FREC – but he only got offers from teams outside of the top-5. But then Campos came along and they gave him time to start the season while looking for sufficient funds.

That didn’t pan out and aside form some races in FRECA he was done for the year. The Brazilian expected more of 2021 after his championship winning 2020, but now finds himself in the Stock Car Pro Series in his native country. Here he tells all about his year in F2, his current situation and his future plans.

Petecof is joined on the F1 Feeder Series Podcast by FRECA commentator Chris McCarthy. Although, last weekend he was temporarily replaced by George Morgan because a special opportunity had arisen. McCarthy got the chance to commentate on the F1 schedule by joining the Porsche Supercup.

Excited to listen to the podcast? Check it out now on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts down below!


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