Bustamante, Powell & Chadwick W Series 2022

Feeder Series is looking for a W Series & F1 Academy editor

Feeder Series is looking to reinforce their editorial staff by adding a dedicated W Series and F1 Academy editor! One of our previous W Series editors made a big promotion to BBC Sport, so if you’re looking to make a name for yourself in motorsport journalism, this is your chance.

As our dedicated W Series and F1 Academy editor for Feeder Series, you’ll attend (virtual) press conferences, interview drivers and write in-depth content. You’ll also regularly appear on the weekly Feeder Series Podcast to talk about your expertise with drivers and industry people from F2 to F4, like Oscar Piastri, Jüri Vips, Richard Verschoor, Franco Colapinto, Alex Jacques, Alex Brundle and many more.

All this does come with a certain responsibility. You’re responsible for everything W Series on the Feeder Series website. That does mean it will cost you time, especially on the weekends. But if you don’t shy away from hard work, you will see that you’ll learn a great amount in a relatively short amount of time and will build a network in the motorsport world at a rapid pace.

So, what are we looking for? Someone who works hard, loves motorsport, has a proactive mentality, wants to make a name for themselves in motorsport journalism and has previous experience in online (motorsport) journalism.

The position comes without pay, but the experience you gain and the network you create, more than make up for that. Our goal is to help you develop into a real motorsport journalist who eventually moves on to a job at the biggest motorsport websites around.

Interested? Email us at editorial@feederseries.net, let us know why you would be the best choice and include your cv.

Header photo credit: W Series


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