Foster seeks repeat glory in Indy NXT: ‘The goal is to win the championship’

Louis Foster won the 2022 Indy Pro 2000 championship, off the back of which he makes the jump to Indy NXT with Andretti Autosport. Feeder Series talked with him about his move from Europe to America and his new teammate Jamie Chadwick.

By Jan Husmann

Louis Foster has already seen lots of different categories since he started open-wheel racing in 2019. His path began in British F4 in 2019, which led him to British F3 in 2020.

He continued to Euroformula Open (EFO) in 2021 and Indy Pro 2000 in 2022. For the 19-year-old, this development is a sign of success.

“Every year I have done a series, we have performed well. I have finished top three every year, so there was not really a need for me to do multiple years in a series,” he said.

Making the switch to Road to Indy

In 2022, Foster crossed the Atlantic Ocean to take on the Road to Indy. For a British teenager that had just finished second in EFO, this was not an expected step. But Foster saw better chances continuing his career in the United States.

“It became clear to me midway through British F3 that a Formula 1 career was not a viable option for me, mainly due to financing,” he explained. “The budgets for FIA Formula 3 and Formula 2 are astronomical and there is also no real prize for winning.”

It became clear to me midway through British F3 that a Formula 1 career was not a viable option for me, mainly due to financing

Louis Foster on his decision to leave Europe to race in America

“For me, [the US] really was a land of opportunity,” he continued. “This year I won my prize money [for winning the Indy Pro 2000 championship]. Without that money, I would not have been able to race in [Indy NXT].

“The entire EFO season was only preparation for America. Our plan was to use the EFO car to learn and use that experience for America.”

A title challenge in Indy NXT

After FROC, Foster will start his first season of Indy NXT. He is confident that he can continue his successful career at the next level.

“It is a step up in competition, but not something we aren’t ready for,” he said. “The goal is to win the championship. There is no point in aiming any lower than that. We definitely have a great chance with Andretti Autosport this year, an amazing team. I get a lot of support from them, and they want to win the championship after missing out last year.

“We have the new Firestone tyres this year which will be interesting to see if it plays in certain teams’ hands. Hopefully we can get on top of that pretty well and have an advantage there,” he added.

Racing for Andretti in Indy NXT will give Foster the opportunity to fight for the title, but it also adds pressure, which he is certainly aware of.

“It is definitely an important year, and I want to impress Andretti and the IndyCar paddock,” he said. “This is the last step before IndyCar, so it is the one they pay most attention to. But I could be amazing in Indy Pro and then awful in [Indy NXT] and the thing they remember is that you were awful in [Indy NXT].

“You have to keep performing on top of your game. I think there is more pressure, but nothing I cannot handle. I will try to keep the pressure off and enjoy what I am doing.

“That is probably the key to not succumb to the pressure, remembering why I am there and that I deserve to be there.”

Teammates with Chadwick

Alongside Foster at Andretti Autosport, his compatriot Jamie Chadwick will make her Indy NXT debut.

“I never really raced with her, but I know her decently well. I think it will be interesting how she does. I hope she does well. It is great to have her in the team,” he said about the three-time W Series champion.

“She brings a lot more attention to the sport, and more fans are looking at it now because of what she has done, which is good for IndyCar. I hope she has a good season of racing.”

Jamie Chadwick wearing a beanie and a coat with her arms folded smiling at the camera
Foster will be teammates with Jamie Chadwick in Indy NXT | Credit: Penske Entertainment ­– Joe Skibinski

But as with any other team-mate, Foster wants to better her on track. Indy NXT’s first race of 2023 will take place 5 March in St. Petersburg, but for the next two weeks, Foster’s focus is on FROC and New Zealand.

His next race comes this weekend at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, where he will target victory at the New Zealand Grand Prix.

Header image credit: Gavin Baker / Road to Indy PR


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