Daniel Guinchard stood in front of F4 British Championship sign

Guinchard joins CDR in British F4: ‘I’ve never left a championship without winning’

After winning two karting titles within two years, 2022 saw Daniel Guinchard jump straight up to British F4, in a promising season where he achieved 27 rookie podiums. Now switching to Chris Dittmann Racing for 2023, he tells Feeder Series how he is feeling heading into his second year of the series.

By Gerren Scapens

Daniel Guinchard is certainly feeling confident heading into his second season of British F4, with hopes that his previous experience will provide him with the tools he needs to tackle the year ahead with his new team, Chris Dittmann Racing (CDR).

“It’s definitely a positive. It’s nice to have a fresh start for my second year, you know, coming in with a lot more experience. I’m very pleased with where I’ve ended up and I think it’s going to be quite a good year.

“I’d say that I’m just going in with full confidence and with nothing to lose really, you know. I’ve just about found funding for the season, so I’m just going out all guns blazing, prove everyone wrong, see what I can really do and hopefully get back to winning ways.

I’m just going in with full confidence and with nothing to lose

Guinchard on how he is feeling going into the 2023 British F4 season

“In the rookie championship, it was a little bit different. Last year there were some drivers that had a lot of testing, and it wasn’t really a proper rookie championship… I did well enough to really go out there and fight the boys that had a lot more testing than me with a lot more funding.

“So, if I can convert those 27 rookie podiums into overall podiums that would be ideal, but just going in with a fresh head, really no expectations from anyone except myself and just going out and see what I can do.”

Cutting it fine

Most drivers would prefer to experience a full off-season with their new team, but even though this was not the case for Guinchard, the CDR driver is happy with how he is integrating into the unfamiliar environment.

“Unfortunately, everything happened quite late at the end of last season, so it’s been quite tricky to get a drive together and get funding sorted.

“But the last few weeks have been, a few days testing and have been, getting to grips with everyone in the team and so far, so good.”

Daniel Guinchard stood in front of CDR racing sign
Guinchard spent his off-season testing for JHR and Virtuosi before signing with CDR | Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography

The Brit did manage to use his winter break productively, completing tests with both JHR and Virtuosi, something that he is immensely grateful for after losing some of his funding at the end of last year.

“I think it was really important after everything that happened at the end of last season, it was good that teams are still seeing me for who I am and giving me the opportunities to shine in other environments, and the winter testing went very well with them.

“Then signed a deal with Chris and like I said, it’s gone very well so far, and testing has gone quite good. So just have to wait and see for the start of the season.”

Second time lucky?

Just like Guinchard himself, CDR are also entering their second year in the series, and the 16-year-old Brit is confident that their experience will help to push them up the order.

“I think it helps that we both got experience, now a year under our belts especially with this new car, everything that changed from last season.

“I think our goals are the same, that’s to take it to the top teams, you know, the top teams that have more money and everything, and see if we can beat them.

“I think it’s the overall mentality you know, they’re [CDR] not ones to back down from what I’ve seen so far and always very positive. They definitely push you to the limit.

I think our goals are the same, that’s to take it to the top teams

Guinchard on his goals for the 2023 British F4 season

“Even though they didn’t have the best of seasons last year… they still want to see the best of everyone in the team – that includes the mechanics and engineers, and they’re always striving for better which I really liked.”

Of course, there is one thing on everyone’s mind going into the start of a new season: winning the championship – and unsurprisingly, it’s no different for Guinchard.

“That is the aim for me, you know. I’ve done it in the past and I’ve never left a championship without winning. So, I think I’ve got to keep that run going and go all out.”

Header image credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography


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