Ryan Suhle Australian F4 Team BRM

Australian F4: Team BRM sign runner up Ryan Suhle

Ryan Suhle Australian F4 Team BRM

Team BRM is going to challenge for the title in Australian F4 with runner up Ryan Suhle. Lochie Hughes and Tommy Smith are also confirmed to drive for the team.

Before today only one name was confirmed for the 2019 Australian F4 championship; Luis Leeds joined AGI Sport. Team BRM is now speeding things up by signing not one, not two but three drivers with Ryan Suhle, Tommy Smith and Lochie Hughes.

Runner up

Ryan Suhle is arguably the most exciting name, having finished second last year to champion Jayden Ojeda. The Australian collected three wins last season. It’s his third F4 year. Until last year it was only possible to participate in two season as a maximum, but that rule has changed.


Tommy Smith finished down in eight in the championship standings and has fourth as his highest finish of that season. Lochie Hughes finished up in fifth, recorded a win and was rookie of the year.

Biggest year for F4

“I’m super excited to be back in F4 for the 2019 season, arguably the biggest year for F4,” Suhle said on the official championship website.

“A change in team this year to Team BRM was unexpected. We initially planned to only run GT3 Cup Challenge this year, but the opportunity to also run F4 cropped up. With the Grand Prix and a really exciting calendar, we really couldn’t say no.

“I feel like there’s some unfinished business for me in this category.”

The new season starts on the 14th of March at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit.


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