Lucca Allen

Whatsapping with: Lucca Allen (F4 SEA champion)

Lucca Allen
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Lucca Allen’s 2019 was special. Because not only did het win his first single-seater title after bagging the F4 SEA championship, he also represented his country Ireland at the FIA Motorsport Games. We had a quick chat with him.

By Floris Visman

Irish driver Lucca Allen started his career in Europe in 2017, in the British F4 championship to be exact. In 2018 he continued in the series, but had a tough year. At the end of that year he decided to try his luck in the F4 South East Asia championship. He joined the final two rounds and immediately was on the pace, scoring a second place in only his second race. In 2019 the 17-year old shone by taking the F4 SEA title after a hard fought battle with Finnish driver Elias Seppänen. The difference in the end was two points.

WhatsApp interview Lucca Allen

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