Jordan Dempsey

Whatsapping with: Jordan Dempsey (F3 Asia)

Jordan Dempsey
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Jordan Dempsey has set himself a hell of a goal: he wants to be the first ever Irish Indy 500 winner. Abd to reach that goals he has set his eyes on a USF2000 seat in 2020. We talked to him about last year and his goals.

By Floris Visman

20-year old Jordan Dempsey has had a very decent feeder series career up to now. In 2015 was crowned the Ginetta Junior Ireland champion and in 2018 he took the Chinese F4 title while missing the first round. Last year he finished the F3 Asia season in seventh beating his teammate Tommy Smith by a country mile. Now the Irish driver has set his eyes on the Road to Indy.

WhatsApp interview Jordan Dempsey

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