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Whatsapping with: Juju Noda (Danish F4)

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Since she was just nine years old and breaking lap records there has been hype around Juju Noda. The Japanese driver and daughter of ex-F1 driver Hideki Noda is now 14 years old and she can finally show what she is made of in Danish F4. We had a brief talk with her.

By Floris Visman

With hardcore F1 fans the name Hideki Noda will ring a bell. The now 50-year old Japanese driver did three races with Larrousse in 1994 before his short F1 career came to an end. His daughter Juju Noda has been touted as the next best thing from Japan. When she was nine she tested an F4 car for the first time and when she was ten she broke the lap record at Okayama for F4 cars. Another year later she tested an F3 car for the first time.

In 2019 she has been racing Formula 3 spec cars in the Japanese U17 category. In 2020 she will finally make an entrance in European single-seater racing in one of only two countries where you are allowed to race competitively from the age of 14: Denmark. She and here team NODA Racing moved to Europe to focus on the task at hand. Juju has already tested the F4 car and feels ready.

Juju Noda Whatsapping With

This interview was done by email for editing purposes.

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One thought on “Whatsapping with: Juju Noda (Danish F4)

  1. The FIA have a minimum age for competitors in the sanctioned F4 championships around the world – 15 years old.

    How is this driver able to compete ?


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