Crawford ‘a bit sad’ he didn’t win all three races at Paul Ricard

Jak Crawford had to sit out the first two races of the Euroformula Open season because he wasn’t old enough yet. Right when he turned 16 though, he did the final race of the season opener at Portimao. Last weekend at Paul Ricard was his first full race weekend and he stunned fans with two wins in three races. The Red Bull junior has entered the championship battle.

“It wasn’t so bad, in the Free Practice we got up to speed well pretty much from the start. Going into Qualifying I wasn’t quite sure where I stood as I was the only one on new tyres in Free Practice but I did a good lap. I had a bit of a tow but I lost more in Sector 3 with the dirty air than I had gained with the tow but it was still a pretty good lap.”

“Race 1 was a bit boring, but in a good way because I was out front and we also got the fastest lap.”

“Race 2 this morning (Sunday) was also good. There was an incident on the first lap that allowed me to get into third so that helped,” he explained having started P6 on the reverse grid of the top six finishers from Race 1.

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“After that I was just trying to do my best laps to catch up. Once I got into second I was passing for P1 and he defended quite aggressively but I was able to get around him and get the win. I’d been setting him up I guess, trying to put my nose in and with two laps to go I had to fake him into a block and that gave me the opportunity to get around him.”

“In Race 3 I had a bad start which pushed me back to second. The other driver in front was not racing clean I would say, once I finally got around him he decided to run into me and that put me wide so I got dirt on the tyres. So I got overtaken.”

“After that it was difficult to follow, my teammate was quite quick. I got quite close but I made a mistake with two laps to go trying to get around him, got wide on the marbles, the car snapped a but, it was a ‘dirtying the pants’ moment but I got away with it and finished P2.”

“It was a bit sad not to get the three wins but I got the most points so I’m happy with that.”


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