Commentating over Cem Bolukbasi’s horror crash in FRAC

Right when the lights go green, you stall on the grid. You put your head down and pray no one hits you. It’s must be one of the worst feelings a racing driver can experience. It happened to Cem Bolukbasi in the final race of the first round of Formula Regional Asia (FRAC). Commentator Jake Sanson was on the job and talked viewers through the incident. This is how he did it.

By Floris Visman

He got away unscathed in the end, but for Turkish Evans GP driver Cem Bolukbasi the crash at Yas Marina meant the end to his FRAC run. His car was too damaged to be repaired for the next round, which meant he pulled the plug on the five-round championship as he knew he couldn’t get the Super Licence points he wanted. Amna Al Qubaisi and Salih Yoluc who were involved in the incident were good enough to race the next round.

In the unsettling moment of the crash and those right after, everything was uncertain commentator Jake Sanson explained. “You don’t really know any information, you’re literally just going by what you can see on your screen.” And that’s not a lot. “Obviously in a situation like that, when an accident is so severe, there’s no point in the cameras looking at the incident and looking at the cleanup job because somebody could be hurt.”

Hear Sanson explain how he went about commentating on Bolukbasi’s horror crash in the F1 Feeder Series Podcast excerpt down below.

Header photo credit: Evans GP

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