Sargeant and O’Sullivan: Williams Racing Driver Academy revitalised?

Away with the old, here’s the new Williams Racing Driver Academy! The Formula 1 team is bringing in new talent with first Logan Sargeant and now Zak O’Sullivan. So what has changed?

By Floris Visman

In the last months the Williams Racing Driver Academy has been revamped: the Formula 1 team has parted ways with Dan Ticktum and it attracted two new names: Logan Sargeant and Zak O’Sullivan.

Those two signings tell us that Williams Racing are looking for young(er) drivers. Sargeant is 21 years old and GB3 champion O’Sullivan only just turned 17. That’s a big difference with the others in the academy. Jamie Chadwick is youngest (23), Jack Aitken is 26 years old and Roy Nissany will turn 28 in November.

In the video below we discuss what has been the key in this revitalisation of the team and the academy.

Header photo credit: Williams Racing

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