The day karter Luca Corberi went mad: ‘It ended up in the New York Times’

It’s probably one of the craziest moments in karting ever, the day that karting driver Luca Corberi took his bumper and threw it in front of the upcoming karting traffic to try and hit an opponent. The brawl that ensued after between family members and the drivers only made it worse. Jake Sanson was commentating that day and gives us his account.

By Floris Visman

The incident took place in October of 2020 at a world championship karting event. Luca Corberi crashed out of the race while battling with Paolo Ippolito. Corberi was of the opinion that Ippolito was at fault and was fuming at the side of the track. What ensued would go down as a legendary moment in karting, for all the wrong reasons. In the end Corberi got suspended for 15 years.

Seasoned commentator Jake Sanson was working that day and couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. He soon realised the incident would be bad for the sport as a whole. “It’s just about the worst possible thing a racing driver can do. Unfortunately it’s it it doesn’t show the sport in a great light.”

Watch Jake Sanson talk about that day as he gives you a look behind the curtain.

Header image credit: FIA

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