Why did Jack Doohan move from Red Bull to the Alpine Academy?

After arguably his best ever season in feeder series, Jack Doohan parted ways with the Red Bull Junior Team and moved to the Alpine Academy. Why this move and what will it mean for the F2 star’s future?

By Floris Visman

The Red Bull Junior Team is not a bad place to be if you want to reach Formula 1. The Austrian fizzy drinks company has given countless of their junior drivers a chance in the pinnacle of motorsport. Still, Formula 2 driver Jack Doohan moved to the Alpine Academy after finishing runner-up in FIA Formula 3.

Why did he move to a team that doesn’t even have a seat in Formula 1 available for Oscar Piastri, who won three feeder series championships in a row? The F1 Feeder Series team discusses this with Alister Yoong in the video below.

Header photo credit: Alpine

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