Exclusive: F2 champion Oscar Piastri opens up on 2022

He’s been in the spotlight ever since he wrapped up his third title in a row by winning Formula 2 at the end of last season. Oscar Piastri has done everything right in the hunt for an F1 seat, but has to settle for a year on the sidelines with Alpine. With a lot of testing in prospect, we talked to the Aussie about Haas F1, Alpine, his Formula 2 title, who he thinks are the favourites for the F2 title and way, way more in the F1 Feeder Series Podcast!

By Floris Visman

Most poles, most podiums, most wins and the driver’s title in his rookie year; 2021 couldn’t have gone any better for Oscar Piastri. And while the 20-year-old would’ve died for a place on the Formula 1 grid this year, a year as the official reserve driver might very well be a blessing in disguise. Think about it: he will get loads of testing, will be doing the same Formula 1 schedule as Alpine team mates Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon (bar the actual racing of course) and will be more than ready to take up a seat in 2023, wherever that is.

In the F1 Feeders Series Podcast Piastri talks at length about the upcoming season, but also his championship winning year, the Haas F1 rumours, who he think will win F2, his flat mate Caio Collet and so much more.

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Header photo credit: Formula Motorsport Ltd

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