Caldwell banned for Spa F2 over penalty points

Formula 2 driver Olli Caldwell will receive a ban in F2 for accruing 12 penalty points. This means the Campos racing driver will mis the round at Spa.

By Floris Visman

Olli Caldwell latest penalty this season was for leaving the track without a justifiable reason on several occasions at the Hungaroring. He got a 5-second time penalty as well one penalty point, making his total twelve in the 2022 season.

The 20-year-old will miss the F2 round at Spa, which will take place after the summer break on August 27. Caldwell, who’s 19th in the standings, got his first points in F2 by finishing 6th at the Red Bull Ring.

The last Formula 2 driver to be banned was Van Amersfoort Racing’s Amaury Cordeel. The Belgian rookie got up to twelve penalty points at Baku earlier this season by swerved across into the path of Caldwell. Cordeel got replaced by David Beckmann at Silverstone.

In 2019 Mahaveer Raghunathan got banned twice in one season, but didn’t have to serve the second ban due to a regulations technicality. He amassed twelve penalty points at Abu Dhabi in Practice, but since a driver is to be banned for a round (and not a race) and Abu Dhabi was the final round of the season and penalty points are voided at the end of the season, he escaped a ban.

Header photo credit: James Moy


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