Calderon Karol G 2022

How Tatiana Calderón got sponsored by the most viewed artist of 2022

For her return to Formula 2 during the tail end of 2022, Tatiana Calderón needed a big sponsor to get the necessary funds together. Where most drivers wind up with a bank or a big corporation, the Colombian driver found an unlikely ally in superstar Karol G.

By Jakub Czekalski

Calderón returned to Formula 2 in 2022 with Charouz Racing System at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps after two and a half seasons away from the series. She replaced Cem Bölükbaşı, whose contract with the team was terminated by mutual consent after he hit financial troubles.

Like Bölükbaşı, Calderón also had to cut her initial 2022 campaign in IndyCar short after her main sponsor, ROKiT, missed payments. That left the Colombian driver out of a seat after just seven rounds.

After answering a call about a potential F2 opening at Charouz Racing System, Calderón was confirmed to be back in F2 machinery on 24 August, two days before the start of Round 11. Now all that she needed was a sponsor.

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The F1 Feeder Series Podcast featuring Tatiana Calderón is also viewable on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts

Sponsorship from Karol G

On the F1 Feeder Series Podcast, Calderón explained how she managed to secure Vevo’s most viewed artist of 2022, Karol G, as her main sponsor.

“Once I knew I was not going to be finishing the season in IndyCar, my sister [Paula Calderón] started talking to everybody, [asking], ‘Do you want to sponsor or [get] an activation?’

“She knew somebody in the music business, so she said, ‘We have the whole car if you want to promote some of your artists’, and then two days later, Karol G started following me on Instagram and I was like, ‘Woah, this is amazing’. I wrote her a DM, not knowing if she would reply, but just to say I’m a huge fan of her work. She’s trying to empower women, and I love that. She replied that we’ll be in touch,” Calderón said.

She’s trying to empower women, and I love that

Tatiana Calderón on Karol G

“And then like two days later, it’s like, ‘Yeah, Karol G wants to sponsor you’, and all of a sudden my planets align and there was a seat in F2, and we managed to get in there.”

On 25 August, Calderón announced on Twitter that Karol G would be sponsoring her with the word ‘Bichota’, referencing a song and catchphrase used by the singer, plastered on the sidepods of her Dallara F2 2018. Music video service Vevo reported that the Colombian artist was the most viewed artist of 2022 with 2.76 billion views. Her song ‘Provenza’ is the most viewed video of the year worldwide with 560 million views as of 12 December.

2023 plans still undecided

Calderón was also asked about her plans for next year on the F1 Feeder Series Podcast.

“Every year, I think like, ‘Well, this year I’m going to get it [done] before Christmas. Everything’s going to be organised and I’m going to have a lovely Christmas and good New Year’s,’ but I have nothing. Nothing’s decided.” Calderón explained.

“It’s about how much sponsorship you can bring to see what possibilities you have, honestly. I will continue to push as hard as I can to get a good seat. Whether it’s endurance, single-seaters, I love being out there racing.”


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