Feeder Series is looking for a video editor

Feeder Series is looking to reinforce its video production by adding to our broadcast team! After a successful warm-up year on YouTube, we want our push lap in 2023 to grow our presence further with even better and more frequent content. 

Working within the new broadcast team, you’ll be bringing ideas to life that will thrill the feeder series world. Podcasts, interviews, and video essays are already on our YouTube channel. With your help, we’ll publish more content and bring it to even more viewers by making full use of our social media platforms with a community of over 60.000 race fans.

Our ideal new teammate will be familiar with:

  • Video editing
  • Creating YouTube SEO for titles and descriptions
  • Making eye-catching thumbnails
  • Using YouTube’s Shorts and Posting features
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Exporting the best videos for other social channels
  • Access to Final Cut Pro is highly preferable.

Are you the right person? If you’re someone who works hard, loves motorsport, has a proactive mentality, wants to make a name for yourself in the motorsport world and has previous experience with video editing and YouTube management.

The position comes without pay, but the experience you gain and the network you create, more than makeup for that. Our goal is to help you develop your skills to open doors in jobs at the biggest motorsport brands around.

Interested? Email us at editorial@feederseries.net, tell us why you’re the ideal candidate and add your cv.


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