Interview: British F4 rookie Casper Stevenson aiming for championship win

Casper Stevenson British F4
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Casper Stevenson has set a big target for himself. The 15-year old British F4 debutant wants to win the championship in 2020. On the official Media Day reporters Adam Dickinson and Fred Coates sat down with the new Double R & Argenti driver and talked with him about his scholarship win and the upcoming season.

By Adam Dickinson & Fred Coates

How’s it going today?

Great to meet everyone, we have a new suit which is very tight on the arms, I’ve got no circulation but yeah good day so far.

When did you get the suit fitted?

My mum measured it for me in a quite rushed way! I think that’s why it doesn’t fit but we got them this morning and everything else fits, it doesn’t compensate for my ginormous muscles. 

How big was getting the scholarship?

It feels great, I was ecstatic and I can say to people when they say ‘who pays for the racing?’ I can say Ford, it’s just such a great thing to say. It’s very generous and big thanks to British F4 because if it wasn’t for that it’d be hard to be here really, it would be another year of Ginettas. 

How are the off-track benefits of the scholarship?

I took a lot of confidence from it, I think it’s a good thing to have when you meet people and say your achievements it’s a good thing to say to sponsors.

How have you found it today?

It’s been good, just dialling ourselves back in.

How much experience of single-seaters do you have?

Nothing, I’ve just done juniors and it’s so much different. The Ginetta teaches you a bit about car control but it’s so much different and they’re very impressive cars. They’re much better than GT cars and even an F4 is as quick as a GT3 car and that’s an F4 car so nothing can compare to it. 

Having gained the scholarship without driving F4 does that give you more confidence?

Yeah, I think there were a couple of drivers who’d done a bit of F4 there, so yeah it was good to come out on top, that’s credit to the judges. It was about media as well so I think I came out nicely on that, I think I charmed them!

You seem to be a more of a complete package…

Yeah I’m just myself. I think a lot of drivers get in these interviews and they think they’re Lewis Hamilton and at the moment I’m not like that. But don’t hold me to that when I’m in Formula 1. But I think being honest is important.

What are your aims for the season?

I want to win the championship. Top three in the championship would be good but to win it would be very good, and then move on to F3 or something.

British F3?

Yeah, only a millionaire can afford FIA F3. I’ve started talking to a few people but we haven’t talked to any teams, but it’s definitely the way you want to look to go. It will really be around June that we start talking to teams, maybe test in the summer break or something.

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