These are all the 2019 feeder series champions

Robert Shwartman Formula 3 Champion 2019
FIA F3 champion Robert Shwartzman. © FIA Formula 3

With Lucca Allen winning the 2019 F4 SEA championship on December 15th, all the open wheel feeder series have been completed. And what a year it was, with extreme highs and lows. Don’t know who won which championship? Check out this list that goes from F4 all the way up to F2 and you’re up to date!

By: Floris Visman

Italian F4: Dennis Hauger (Norway, 16)

Dennis Hauger Italian F4 Champion 2019

2nd: Gianluca Petecof (Brazil, 17)
3rd: Paul Aron (Estonia, 15)

British F4: Zane Maloney (Barbados, 16)

Zane Maloney British F4 Champion 2019

2nd: Sebastián Álvarez (Mexico)
3rd: Louis Foster (Great-Britain, 16)

ADAC F4: Théo Pourchaire (France, 16)

Theo Pourchaire ADAC F4 Champion 2019

2nd: Dennis Hauger (Norway, 16)
3rd: Arthur Leclerc (Monaco, 19)

F4 Australia: Luis Leeds (Australia, 19)

Luis Leeds F4 Australia Champion 2019

2nd: Lochie Hughes (Australia)
3rd: Ryan Suhle (Australia, 17)

F4 NACAM: Manuel Sulaimán (Mexico, 19)

Manuel Sulaiman F4 NACAM Champion 2019

2nd: Jak Crawford (United States, 14)
3rd: Pablo Pérez de Lara (Mexico)

F4 Spain: Franco Colapinto (Argentina, 16)

Franco Colapinto F4 Spain Champion 2019

2nd: Glenn van Berlo (The Netherlands, 17)
3rd: Kilian Meyer (Spain, 17)

F4 US: Joshua Car (Australia, 19)

Joshua Car F4 US Championship 2019

2nd: Francisco Porto (Brazil)
3rd: Christian Brooks (United States)

F4 SEA: Lucca Allen (Ireland, 17)

Lucca Allen F4 SEA Champion 2019

2nd: Elias Seppänen (Finland, 16)
3rd: Muizz Musyaffa (Malaysia, 17)

F4 UAE: Matteo Nannini (Italy, 16)

Matteo Nannini F4 UAE Champion 2019

2nd: Joshua Dürksen (Paraguay, 16)
3rd: Shihab Alhabsi (Oman, 16)

F4 France: Hadrien David (France, 15)

Hadrien David F4 France Champion 2019

2nd: Reshad de Gerus (France, 16)
3rd: Nicky Hays (United States, 18)

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F4 Japan: Ren Sato (Japan, 18)

Ren Sato F4 Japan Champion 2019

2nd: Atsushi Miyake (Japan, 20)
3rd: Kohta Kawaai (Japan, 25)

F4 China: Conrad Clark (New Zealand, 17)

Conrad Clark F4 China Champion 2019

2nd: He Zijian (China)
3rd: Shang Zongyi (China)

F4 Denmark: Malthe Jakobsen (Denmark)

Malthe Jakobsen F4 Denmark Champion 2019

2nd: Jonas Lindhard Nielsen (Denmark)
3rd: Mads Hoe (Denmark, 22)

F4 SMP: Pavel Bulantsev (Russia, 16)

Pavel Bulantsev F4 SMP Champion 2019

2nd: Artem Lobanenko (Russia, 19)
3rd: Alexey Nesov (Russia, 16)

FIA Motorsport Games Formula 4 Cup: Andrea Rosso (Italy, 16)

Andrea Rosso F4

2nd: Niklas Krütten (Germany, 17)
3rd: William Alatalo (Finland, 17)

MRF Challenge: Jamie Chadwick (Great-Britain, 21)

Jamie Chadwick MRF Challenge Champion 2019

2nd: Max Defourny (Belgium, 21)
3rd: Patrik Pasma (Finland, 19)

Toyota Racing Series: Liam Lawson (New Zealand, 17)

Liam Lawson TRS Champion 2019

2nd: Marcus Armstrong (New Zealand, 19)
3rd: Lucas Auer (Austria, 25)

Formula Renault Eurocup: Oscar Piastri (Australia, 18)

Oscar Piastri Formula Renault Eurocup Champion 2019

2nd: Victor Martins (France, 18)
3rd: Alexander Smolyar (Russia, 18)

Asia Formula Renault: Joey Alders (The Netherlands, 20)

Joey Alders Asia Formula Renault Champion 2019

2nd: Bruno Carneiro (Brazil, 20)
3rd: Sandro Tavartkiladze (Georgia, 19 or 20)

Euroformula Open: Marino Sato (Japan, 20)

Marino Sato Euroformula Open

2nd: Liam Lawson (New Zealand, 17)
3rd: Lukas Dunner (Austria, 17)

Formula Regional European Championship: Frederik Vesti (Denmark, 17)

Frederik Vesti Formula Regional Champion 2019

2nd: Enzo Fittipaldi (Brazil, 18)
3rd: Igor Fraga (Brazil, 21)

F3 Asia (Winter Series): Rinus Veekay (The Netherlands, 19)

Rinus Veekay F3 Asian Champion 2019

2nd: Ye Yifei (China, 19)
3rd: Alessandro Ghiretti (France, 17)

F3 Asia: Ukyo Sasahara (Japan, 23)

_Ukyo Sasahara F3 Asia Champion 2019

2nd: Jack Doohan (Australia, 16)
3nd: Daniel Cao (China, 18)

F3 Americas: Dakota Dickerson (United States, 23)

Dakota Dickerson F3 Americas Champion 2019

2nd: Benjamin Pedersen (20)
3rd: Mathias Soler-Obel (Colombia, 17)

W Series: Jamie Chadwick (Great-Britain, 21)

Jamie Chadwick W Series Champion 2019

2nd: Beitske Visser (The Netherlands, 24)
3rd: Alice Powell (Great-Britain, 26)

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F3 Japan: Sacha Fenestraz (Argentina, 20)

Sacha Fenestraz F3 Japan Champion 2019

2nd: Ritomo Miyata (Japan, 20)
3rd: Enaam Ahmed (Great-Britain, 19)

BRDC British F3: Clément Novalak (France, 18)

Clement Novalak British F3 Champion 2019

2nd: Johnathan Hoggard (Great-Britain, 19)
3rd: Ayrton Simmons (Great-Britain, 18)

Macau Grand Prix: Richard Verschoor (The Netherlands, 19)

Richard Verschoor Macau GP Champion 2019

2nd: Jüri Vips (Estonia, 19)
3rd: Logan Sargeant (United States, 18)

FIA Formula 3: Robert Shwartzman (Russia, 20)

Robert Shwartman Formula 3 Champion 2019

2nd: Marcus Armstrong (New Zealand, 19)
3rd: Jehan Daruvala (India, 21)

Super Formula: Nick Cassidy (New Zealand, 25)

Nick Cassidy Super Formula Champion 2019

2nd: Naoki Yamamoto (Japan, 31)
3rd: Álex Palou (Spain, 22)

Formula 2: Nyck de Vries (The Netherlands, 24)

Nyck de Vries Formula 2 Champion 2019

2nd: Nicholas Latifi (Canada, 24)
3rd: Luca Ghiotto (Italy, 24)

And let’s not forget the Road to Indy:

USF2000: Braden Eves (United States, 20)

Braden Eves USF2000 Champion 2019

2nd: Hunter McElrea (New Zealand, 20)
3rd: Christian Rasmussen (Denmark, 19)

Indy Pro 2000: Kyle Kirkwood (United States, 21)

Kyle Kirkwood Indy Pro 2000 Champion 2019

2nd: Rasmus Lindh (Sweden, 18)
3rd: Parker Thompson (Canada, 21)

Indy Lights: Oliver Askew (United States, 23)

Oliver Askew Indy Lights Champion 2019

2nd: Rinus Veekay (The Netherlands, 19)
3rd: Toby Sowery (Great-Britain, 23 or 24)

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